"Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions will be marching Jan. 20 to protest the election of Donald Trump and sound a loud warning that we will not be silent during his four years... The good news is that, with such a clear majority, our efforts to neutralize the forces of evil now assembling in Trump Tower can turn the tide. We need to show constant, visible opposition to what Trump has promised." ~ Stephen Bingham, San Rafael

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Refreshments - 6:30-7:00 PM | Lecture, Q+A - 7:00-8:15 PM

The New Wheel Electric Bikes
14 East Sir Francis Drake Boulevard
Larkspur, CA 94939
Wed, May 24, 2017
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM PDT

Jason Henderson is a professor in Geography & Environment at SF State, author of Street Fight: The Politics of Mobility in San Francisco, and co-author of Low Car(bon) Communities: Inspiring Car-free and Car-lite Urban Futures.

Henderson's work focuses on how culture, economics, and politics have influenced the allocation of street space in San Francisco and Copenhagen, Denmark. Looking at San Francisco’s role as an incubator of progressive movements and Copenhagen’s role as the world’s most bike-friendly city, Henderson tells a compelling story of how the debate over sustainable transportation may evolve in Marin County.

Please join MCBC in welcoming Jason Henderson to Marin to hear what he’s learned from San Francisco’s struggles and Copenhagen’s successes--and gain a better understanding of how Marin’s own politically-charged climate shapes our efforts to improve bicycling in Marin.

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